Monday, 29 June 2009 3:39 PM

Lady Charity Fund Helps Christian Care Center

The Christian Care Center received much needed bags of clothes from the Lady Charity Fund to support women and young children.

In a handover last Friday, the Prime Minister's wife, Madam Doris Sikua, said donations followed talks with one of the sisters in charge on the need in the center.

Support through donation comes from Madam Sikua and MPs wives.

Madam Sikua said the donation is not on behalf of the government but from a group of concerned mothers.

"We have come here as mothers of the nation who have concerns for you. The clothes that we have donated is to help you while you live here," she said in handing over the clothes.

The donation replaces curtains used by women and children in substitute for clothes.

In receiving the donation, Coordinator of the Centre, Sister Mary, said the donation is timely and a real help to the victims.

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