Sunday, 10 June 2007 8:52 AM

Khan Vows to Tackle Corruption within Police

Police Commissioner Khan stated in an interview with Fijilive that he is ready to take up the challenge in leading the Solomon Islands Police Force.

"Everything has been sorted and I am ready to take up my job in the Solomon Islands which will commence on Monday," he said.

"All the bickering about my appointment has been sorted out with the proper authorities and I can confirm that there were a few documentations that were not present during my appointment that has caused all this strife."

Khan said that his first priority is to look at the Solomon Islands Police Force internally. "The Solomon Islands is not like Fiji where crime rate is so high, the problem they are currently facing lies within the force where corruption is rife and I intend to clean that up first."

Khan arrived in the country on Saturday and is ready to begin on Monday.

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