Monday, 22 September 2008 11:19 AM

Honiara Netball Season Ends with Awards Night

The Honiara Netball Association held their awards night last Saturday at the Police Club to mark the end of the netball season.

All Honiara netball teams packed the Rove Police Club donning their netball t-shirts. There were cheers and screams as various teams were awarded their prizes.

For the Netball League, Green Berets one grabbed the first prize in the Super Division, followed by Sunrise and Andel who came in third.

Green Berets two grabbed the first prize for the 'A' Division followed by Police Two and Goldridge two.

GAS got the first prize for the 'B' Division followed by Isa Blue and Southerns two.

For the super challenge, the Super Division first prize was awarded to Sunrise, the 'A' Division first prize was awarded to Police two and the 'B' Division first prize was awarded to Kolozonga.

For the Netball League Knockout Competition which ended recently; Police 1 snatched the first prize after defeating last year's champion, Sun rise in the Super Division. In the A division, Gold Ridge 1 came in first and Kolozonga came in first for the 'B' Division.

Individual prizes were also given out. The Golden hand award was awarded to Jocelyn Basia of Sunrise in the Super Division. Martha Tolia of Gold ridge two received the Golden hand in the 'A' Division and Joanna Willie of Kolozonga for the B division.

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