Wednesday, 2 January 2008 11:06 AM

Government and Industrial Sectors Fail to Address Issues Affecting Youths

The government, commercial and industrial sectors have failed to adequately address issues affecting young people of Solomon Islands.

In his New Year message, His Excellency, the Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena, said whilst families and tribes of Solomon Islands are blessed with a youthful population, the government, commercial and industrial sectors have failed to adequately use their productive capacity and potential in reforms of economic development and in the improvement of social services.

Sir Nathaniel said the sectors can no longer ignore the increasing number of unemployed youths and the situation is a potential source for national instability.

Meanwhile, parents in rural areas are called on to discourage children from moving to urban centres, including Honiara.

Sir Nathaniel said primary and secondary school drop outs in rural areas may want to find employment in Honiara, but work is difficult to find.

The Governor General, in his nationwide New Year message, stressed that it is better to remain in their villages where food and shelter are readily available than it would be in Honiara.

Sir Nathaniel said working families in Honiara and in other centres may not be able to support extended families who do not work to support themselves.

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