Tuesday, 23 March 2010 3:45 PM

Gold Mining Company Relaunched

The Solomon Islands' Prime Minister says yesterday's relaunch of the Gold Ridge gold mine is a positive signal that the country has recovered from the years of ethnic tension.

The gold mine, which had been a vital part of the Solomons' economy, was closed by the crisis.

Dr Derek Sikua says its re-opening also indicates a new business environment that's open to investment.

The executive chair of the Australian company, Allied Gold Limited, who owns Gold Ridge, Mark Caruso, agrees, saying that it's an important step for the country.

"It may just be seen as a ceremony, a beginning of a new era of mining in the Solomon Islands. It also offer a significant diplomatic message to the world [that] politically the country is ready to brace investment," says Mark Caruso of the Australian company, Allied Gold Limited

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