Friday, 30 April 2010 10:26 AM

Former MPA Considers Suing Former MPs over RCDF

A former member of the provincial assembly (MPA) of Choiseul Province has blamed the Taiwanese government for releasing the $10 million dollars payout to the outgoing members of parliament.

The Choiseul leader, Wilson Pita calls on the MPs to return the money or else face the court on the matter.

Mr Pita says the Taiwanese government should not have allowed the payout of $10 million dollars of Rural Constituency Development Fund, RCDF, on the eve of the dissolution of parliament.

Mr Pita says he doubts the money paid out to the former MPs will reach people in the rural areas. He blames the Taiwanese government for causing the problem.

Meanwhile, Mr Pita also says it's wrong for the outgoing government to request the $10 million RCDF to be paid out to them and urges the MPs to return the money to the Ministry of Rural Development.

Mr Pita says he plans to file a case on the matter to the courts.

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