Monday, 21 June 2010 9:32 AM

Former MP Convicted on Corruption Charges

The High Court has convicted a former Member of Parliament on charges of official corruption while his co-accused, also a former member of Parliament, was acquitted on the same charges.

John Maetia Kaliuae was found guilty on ten counts of official corruption, while Clement Rojumana was acquitted on 25 counts of official corruption.

This comes after both men stood trial at the High Court on allegations that they had illegally granted citizenship to 25 Asians in 2003.

At the time of the allegations Rojumana was Minister of Home Affair and Kaliuae was Chairman of the Citizenship Commission.

Mr Rojumana was charged with 25 counts of official corruption, while Mr Maetia was charged with 35 counts of the same offence.

Justice Sekove Naqiolevu acquitted Mr Rojumana of all charges but says that he has, beyond reasonable doubt, found Mr Maetia guilty on 10 counts of the 35 charges of official corruption against him.

Mr Maetia will be sentenced on Wednesday this week.

This is to allow the Crown to present its submissions in relation to an appropriate sentence and to allow the defence to prepare its mitigation on behalf of Mr Maetia.

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