Wednesday, 25 July 2007 9:53 AM

Fono Urges Government to Resolve Strike

Opposition Leader Fred Fono is calling on the government to resolve the teachers' two-week old strike.

Mr Fono said that it is important for the Government to honor the MOU it signed with SINTA. Fono says that if the strike were to continue it will have huge adverse effect on students.

Mr Fono says the Opposition understands the Government is still putting together a Supplementary Appropriation Bill for additional money to be spent until the end of the 2007 financial year.

However, Fono says that it appears that the draft 2007 Appropriation Bill does not include an allocation to meet the teachers' demands, which are likely to cost within the vicinity of seven-point-six million dollars.

SINTA has been demanding the Government to sort out the teachers' re-leveling and pay structure along with their long service benefits.

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