Tuesday, 13 January 2009 10:26 AM

Family Escapes King Tide

A family living in the Kangava bay area on Rennell Island in Rennell-Bellona Province was affected by what appeared to be a king tide.

It was reported that there was minor destruction caused to their property.

The father of the family told SIBC News that the high swell occurred at about 10 o'clock [yesterday] morning.

He said the area has been having very strong winds and rough seas and [yesterday] morning, they saw a wave that was unusually high which rose out of the bay.

He said the wave washed ashore and flooded low lying houses.

The family escaped to higher ridges surrounding Kangava bay until late in the afternoon when the water receded.

The father of the family told SIBC News that they managed to get their belongings to safety and are now living on higher ground.

Source: SIBC News

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