Wednesday, 23 November 2011 9:08 AM

EU Supports Civil Society Group

The European Union, EU, will give more than SBD$4.8 million dollars to six non state actor groups to further their programmes.

Recipients of the grant are: Kastom Garden Association, Small Medium Enterprises Council, Transparency Solomon Islands, Solomon Island National Council of Women, Development Service Exchange and the Marovo Islands Natural Biodiversity Livelihood Trust.

The more than SBD$4.8 million dollars was made available yesterday.

The European Union will continue boosting its partnership with the Government and civil society in Solomon Islands regarding democracy and human rights, implementation of the National Development Strategy and enhanced political dialogue.

This year, the EU Delegation has released additional $1.5 million Euro through two calls for proposals.

More grant contracts will be signed to enhance the participation of Non State Actors in implementing sustainable development strategies and in promoting gender equality and the fulfillment of women's rights.

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