Tuesday, 13 May 2008 1:12 PM

EU Charge d'Affairs Applauds Reconciliation Efforts

"Reconciliation is the key to development," said the European Union Charge d'Affairs, Dr. Abdoul Aziz Mbaye.

The statement was made at a luncheon hosted for the media on Thursday. Dr. Mbaye applauded the efforts of the current government to push the reconciliation agenda. He said without reconciliation there will be no progress.

"There is no better example of the above statement like Europe. European countries have fought many wars with each but they have had enough and through reconciliation the countries had come together to progress economically," said Dr. Mbaye.

Dr. Mbaye also commended the way the country has been able to resolve the political differences in the most democratic means in the recent past. He said that this is what European Union wants to advance through its programmes in many countries.

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