Tuesday, 5 August 2008 2:19 PM

Duke of Gloucester visits GPPOL and RAMSI Base

The Duke of Gloucester paid a visit to the Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Limited (GPPOL) this morning, followed by a visit to the RAMSI base.

Despite the heavy rain this morning, the Duke of Gloucester with the Governor General, Sir Nathaniel Waena paid a visit to the Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Limited (GPPOL)in East Gudalcanal.

The tour included visiting the Plains and the Oil Palm factory to see how seeds are processed into oil. The General Manager of GPPOL gave an overview briefing of oil processing within the laboratory.

His Royal Highness, the Duke of Gloucester was also introduced to the landowners and the management and staff of GPPOL.

After the Royal visit to GPPOL, the Royal convoy then traveled to the RAMSI base at the Guadalcanal Beach Resort at Henderson. The Duke of Gloucester laid wreaths in memorial of three RAMSI officers who were killed whilst on duty in the Solomon Islands.

HRH, Prince Richard will later give an address to the Members of the National Parliament at 3pm this afternoon at the Parliament.

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