Tuesday, 10 March 2009 8:39 AM

Diplomat Calls to End Violence Against Women

The Australian Deputy High Commissioner, Alison Duncan, has urged Solomon Islanders to cooperate in ending violence against women and girls.

Speaking on International Women's Day yesterday, Ms. Duncan says the Australian High Commission supports the International Women's Day in Honiara.

She says International Women's Day is an opportunity to celebrate everything that women have done and to think about what they need to do better.

Ms. Duncan says International Women's Day is an opportunity for men to appreciate women, wives and children.

She says it is also a time to thank women for their support and the hard work they do, and to think about how men can break down the barriers that women have today.

Ms. Duncan says everyone must cooperate with leaders, NGOs, churches and women's groups to end the violence against women and girls.

She says everyone must work to improve the rights of women, provide education opportunities for women, elect women to Parliament and to improve their lives.

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