Wednesday, 15 July 2009 5:19 PM

Democratic Party Prepares for 2010 Elections

The Solomon Islands Democratic Party is beginning its preparations for the upcoming 2010 general elections.

General Secretary of the Solomon Islands Democratic Party, John Keniapisia, says the committee will put together a fundraising plan to be approved by the party's meeting next week.

He says the party's first social gathering will be towards the end of the month .

Mr Keniapisia says the party will push for the country to develop a stronger relationship with God.

He says one of the party's stand is to push forward with the Political Parties Integrity Bill, which is to be tabled in Parliament.

Mr Keniapisia says the passage of the bill will ensure "that politics in the country is conducted in a way which achieves political stability."

He says the Solomon Islands Democratic Party is approaching the reform with an open mind and with rationale judgement considering the good the bill will do to Solomon Islands politics.

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