Wednesday, 6 June 2007 4:09 PM

By-elections To Be Held Soon

The Solomon Islands electoral commission is currently working on a timetable to hold by-elections for the two constituencies of the late Sanga and late Ulufa'alu.

The director of the Electoral Commission stated in a radio interview with SIBC that the commission is also working on the likely costs of the two by-elections.

Mr Kevu says there was no 2007 budget allocation and as such a submission would have to be made to get money to hold the elections.

"The possibility is if they say we do it this year, then they will have to take a supplementary appropriation to parliament for the by-elections" Kevu said. "But if they say, no because we have no budget to conduct the by-elections this year, we'll have to leave it until next year"

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