Tuesday, 10 February 2009 4:51 PM

British Support Speeds Help to Flood Victims

The Premier of Guadalcanal, Stephen Panga, says support from the British High Commission in Honiara helps them to "react faster" to help victims of the recent flooding disaster on the island.

Mr. Panga said the donation of $8,415.50 helps to cover food ration and travel costs for seven survey teams traveling to the disaster zones on Guadalcanal.

"The funding has also enabled us to re-stock two assessment teams that are in the western parts of Guadalcanal."

In response, the British High Commissioner, Timothy Smart, shared sympathy to the people of Guadalcanal.

He adds that they will be doing all they can to assist Guadalcanal Province and the Government.

H.E. Smart assured Premier Panga that they will do all they can to help with rebuilding homes of victims affected by the flood.

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