Tuesday, 26 August 2014 7:20 AM

Australia Provides $2m for Floods Recovery

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Senator Brett Mason has announced that Australia will provide an additional $2 million to assist ongoing recovery efforts following April’s devastating floods in SolomonIslands.

The disaster claimed 23 lives, displaced thousands and inflicted widespread
damage to local infrastructure, including critical bridges and roads.

Senator Mason made the announcement while delivering a keynote address
to business leaders and Solomon Islands Government ministers at the
Solomon Islands Business Forum in Brisbane.

“I visited Solomon Islands days after the disaster and saw firsthand how
Australian support was helping to relieve suffering and contribute to the repair
of essential infrastructure,” said Senator Mason.

"Now we want to support Solomon Islanders recovery from the economic impact of the floods by helping to restore commercial activity in Honiara and surrounding areas.”

The further $2 million will contribute to the repair of flood-damaged roads and
bridges in Honiara and across Guadalcanal Province. Funds will be delivered
through the Solomon Islands National Transport Fund and bring Australia’s
total financial support for the flood recovery effort to $7 million.

Australia provided initial emergency relief in April, followed by early recovery
assistance including medical, water and sanitation, shelter and livelihoods


Source: Press Release, Australian High Commission, Solomon Islands

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