Saturday, 22 December 2007 10:06 AM

Attempts to Sell Government Vehicles Not Successful

An attempt by the former government to sell 15 government vehicles to former ministers has been halted.

SIBC news received confirmation from the Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Peter Hauia, that his ministry has received 15 applications from former ministers for the vehicles.

The national broadcaster was informed that the Secretary to Prime Minister has already sent letters to applicants, offering the sale of those vehicles.

However, the committee responsible for the sale of vehicles, under the Parliamentary Entitlements Regulation, has halted the sale of those vehicles until the new government is sworn into office.

SIBC news was informed that under Parliamentary Entitlements Regulation (PER), which covers such situations, there has to be a joint consultation between the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and the Prime Minister's Office.

"Whilst we were doing consultations, approvals had already been issued out by the Secretary to Prime Minister in the PMO," Mr. Hauia told SIBC. "Under the PER, this is not right because there is no joint consultation. We were of the view that it was not the right time to sell the vehicles."

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