Wednesday, 19 March 2008 1:55 PM

ANZ Bank Donates Computer to Honiara Beautification Committee

The ANZ Bank in Honiara hands over a computer set to the Honiara Beautification Committee today.

Speaking at the botanical garden hand-over ceremony, the ANZ General Manager, Brian Robb said that it is a pleasure to donate the computer set to help the administration office of the beautification committee.

In response, founder of the beautification committee, Keithie Saunders said that the donation is a "tremendous" additional help for the committee with the increased work on the upgrade of the botanical garden in place.

Mrs. Saunders acknowledged the support from business houses and communities towards the efforts of the committee to beautify the city.

Excited workers from the beautification committee in Honiara look forward to utilizing the new computer set at work.

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