Friday, 6 August 2010 11:43 AM

2010 Election Update 4

As results come in the Police have had to send in reinforcements to the Temotu provincial capital Lata after supporters of a certain candidate ransacked shops and properties.

It is believed that the result was somehow leaked and believing that their candidate has lost they took to the street. Police say that the situation is now calm and results will be officially announced after lunch today.

Below is an update of results as of 11am today.

East Choiseul: Manasseh Sogavare
South Choiseul: Elijah Doro Muala (Former MP Rev. Leslie Boseto)
North West Choiseul: Connelly Sandakabatu (Former MP Clement Kengava)

Aoke-Langalanga: Mathew Wale
East Malaita: Manasseh Maelanga
West Kwaio: Peter Tom
Baegu/Asifola: Toswel Kaua

Rannogga / Simbo: Charles Sigoto (Former MP Francis Billy Hilly)
Marovo: Snyder Rini
North Vella La Vella: Milner Tozaka
North New Georgia: Job Dudley Tausinga
Gizo-Kolombangara: Gordon Darcy Lilo
South Vella Lavella: Alex Lionel (Former MP Trevor Olavae)

Gao/Bugotu: Samuel Manetoali
Maringe/Kokota: Varian Lonamei

Rennell/Bellona: Seth Gukuna

Guadalcanal, Honiara, Temotu, Central and Makira are yet to send in their official results.

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