Thursday, 23 October 2008 3:30 PM

Still to see Rural Development happening.

Government Policy on Rural Development

With all due respect to our Hon. Fred Fono; giving money with records of checks or payment made is neither justification nor verification of actual project or programme being implemented. So many times have we heard funds exhausted or disbursed, but there is still lack of evidence or lack of development. Does this mean members of public can freely pick up their checks from Ministry of Finance? Or are members of parliament the principal receipts prior to disbursement? We need evidence, not proof of funds disbursed or is there something we should not know or is privileged information? I remember Mr. Fono had been a true son of the country some years back with his report on the use of funds (RCDF) in his constituency and probably still is; can this same method be applied to all members of parliament? The reports should be public information produced annually where by anybody (man, wuman or pikinini) can pick up the report and find comfort in knowing our development and progress. If I have been misinformed, can I be instructed to know where I can access these reports? If any?

God save Solomon Islands from shore-to-shore

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