Wednesday, 19 December 2007 6:49 PM

Tuhanuku's view

Reading through the Executive Officer of Transparency Solomon Islands, Mr. Joses Tuhanuku's view on the out going government and the opposition, I for one disagree with some of his comments that discredited many of the good achievements accomplished by the Sogavare led government.
Consider Mr. Tuhanuku as an ignorant CEO who is narrow minded. We should acknowledge every achievement accomplished and learn from the mistakes that lingers the development of our country. Failing to appreciate such achievements is not a good character and quality of a Transparency officer. Furthermore, Mr. Tuhanuku cannot say statements like a new government will be better than that of the previous government when the new government hasn't been elected or perform its duties yet.
I salute the outgoing government and will welcome the new government that will be elected but I discredit people like Mr. Tuhanuku who make a lot of noise with out consideration. We should think first before expressing our unconstructive rubbish opinions.

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