Friday, 9 December 2016 1:20 PM

Google Maps Street View please!

Hello, We lived in Honiara back in 1968-70 and I would really like to be able to check out what Honiara looks like but Googles Street View has still not been done. I don't know why Google hasn't done this yet but can the Govt and Tourism sector get them to do this so the world can get a look in...???Mum is in her 80's now and would really like to see the place as well. Dad (Walter Carroll) worked for the Lands and Survey Dept...but passed away several years ago now..From what I can see from Hotel and Cafe web site photos it looks like Honiara has gone ahead in leaps and bounds and looks very up to date...a really nice place not far from NZ to holiday in..I strongly believe this is a great tool to promote Honiara and the Solomon's and look forward to being able to "walk" around in Google Street View as soon as possibleRegardsLaurie Carroll

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