Wednesday, 5 November 2014 11:59 AM

Priest Condemns Climate Change Hypocrites

Hello dear editor, I felt it neccessary that I send some form of communication regarding this story considering the bias and portrayal of people in the western world and at the very least my own corner of the world, we common australian citizens would love to move to cleaner energy but its not because of climate change that we would like this change to happen, we would like this change to happen so that the air we breath is not poisonous to us but also to our environment, we feel this change is good for the environment and therfore ourselves and ironcally the cleaner alternatives seem cheaper, but what do you know those big wonderful energy companies just dont want to hand it over, somehow it seems that its the common people at fault yet again, and since this article has had its fair share of pointing fingers i have to assume its ok for me to do the same and blame the energy industry so please dont tell us that we should feel ashamed, why is it so easy for you to blame us, is it because its harder to blame the energy industry? the goverments? those that actually have the power to make these changes a reality? and as far as science is concerned I have to make it absolutely clear that climate change is no longer the case of 20 v 1 doctor claiming that climate change is real due to human activity, there are many such as myself that will advocate that climate change is real but humans are not the contributing factor and that this change is part of a normal cycle, now if you dont beleive me beleive in the numbers, to date is known that greenhouse emmissions from natural sources, such as volcanism, vegetation deteriation etc.. is about 7billion tons in comparison humans emit 30million tons, using smaller numbers humans 30 planet earth 7000, you have to admit that when you look at the numbers its hard to deny something just doesnt make sense...

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