Thursday, 9 August 2012 11:44 AM

Students & Allowances

Now that our students studying in Fiji have received their allowances, it is time to remind them to use their money wisely.

I for one have witnessed on many occasions that when the allowances hit the bank accounts; its party time! I know that not all students do this, but it does happen and you wonder why they complain when they don't have any money.

I remember seeing an article someone wrote a year back that states, "Solomon Islands students receive the second highest allowances after Tuvalu. Whilst I acknowledge that prices of goods and services have gone up in Fiji, the amount of money received, once used wisely can hold someone for a good period of time."

The issue of late payment of allowances is not a new thing, so once you get your allowances, just make sure that you save some for such delays. Just cut out some of the unnecessary expenses.

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