Tuesday, 20 May 2008 1:45 AM

Reply to Judd`s comment

After reading Judd`s comment, I cant explain what you are trying to say.
However, Rev Wate`s critic was trying to explain the importance of English and at the same time the importance of our vernacular dialects.

A foreigner in LONDON or even a local native of Solomon Islands (who don't speak pidgin) cannot communicate with some one in Honiara or in other urban areas. Therefore, it is best that even a foreigner must be confident in the host cultures dialect to explain themselves in that particular world.

To be obvious, at USP campuses, students face difficulties in their first year; however, do improve after they are familiar enough with English. Its true, language is the barrier every where, so a student must learn how to speak English to prosper academically, while a foreigner from LONDON must learn how to speak pidgin if planning to visit the pidgin world. It's simple!!!! To understand Rev Wate`s letter..Confidence in each others way of life, living and speaking is central in this civilized world.

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