Wednesday, 13 January 2010 10:33 PM

Police raid on illegal beer outlet

I wish to support what Mr. Michael Aike has said in support of the arrest of the 57 years old who has been arrested by Police at West Kola recently. Whilst appreciating the Police action I must join Michael supporting the call for the Police to be fair in their operations. The beer black market strong holds at Bahai have been operating for so long although many arrests have been made in the past. One need to just drive by at night to witness this flourishing business a long the Bahai centre Sunday to Sunday.

From the first house after the East St. Nicholas School road, opposite the Ritaleven building to the West St. Nicholas School road, many residents are operating beer outlets. In fact, it has become a collaborative business, hence residents will never complain because it is just another normal business. I think the Police are not doing their work properly and strongly believe those operating illegal beer outlets are collaborating with Police to evade arrests, whenever there is a planned operations on Black markets, a denial of the rights of many Honiara residents who are law abiding citizens wishing to live in a peaceful environment free from alcohol related disorders, resulting in family violence, injuries, death and so on.

My question is; Bahai illegal beer outlets have been operating for so long despite arrests in the past, whilst (I assume the West Kola outlet is a relatively new one) has been targetted?, Why Bahai continuous to enjoy the benefits of selling beer illegally? Why stumped out West Kola immediately? Michael thinks this is "unfair" and so do I...,it makes me believe that something fishy is going on within our local Police ranks. I have said my part in support of Michael's letter to the editor...

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