Wednesday, 30 September 2009 1:13 PM

High Tide of Greed

After the saga of the laptop scandle, miused of cattle fund, MPs wife salary, defeated MP compensation and the Entitlement Paliamentary Commission. Now we have a new issue on hand. The sale of the foreign Tug Boat vessel back to its owner might be seen as a lawful act so to speak. One might think that Minister Rini has the power to overule the Judical affiairs as claim in the Judical Act. But a closer look one might tend to think whether there is a conflict of interest in this decision. It had happened before when the Minister for Finance turn down a decision to be tabled to double tax logging companies. I am thrilled to see that the high tide of greed has taken its toll on this current government. I am wondering whether there is coming a low tide of equality, fairness, and selflessness. Let's see what will happen in our next government.

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