Sunday, 16 August 2009 7:49 PM

Spousal Grants

On the 17 July 2009 MP for Temotu Pateson Oti initiated a motion in parliament referring the recent terminal grant by the Parliaments Entitlements Commission (PEC) to the House Committee. The terminal grant of course, awards MP's spouses SBD$50,000.00 upon dissolution of parliament. However, I believe that the House Committee's role is only that of an advisory nature. Their opinions are not binding on the MP's themselves. This would mean that it is up to Parliament to decide on this issue. The fact that they have awarded themselves with this money in the first place provides little hope for a change of heart regarding this issue from our leaders.
One more thing, the award of SBD$50,000.00 is to be given to an MP's spouse. Provided there are 50 MP's in our Parliament that would mean upon dissolution SBD$2,500,000.00 would be given to our leaders. And didn't parliament just discuss to increase the number of constituencies to 70? I wonder why??
To lead is to serve.
Serve who?

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