Tuesday, 28 July 2009 7:45 PM

Student's termination

Dear editor,

The issue of student's termination is one of the big issue at USP, Laucala campus this week.

It's true that during the NTU briefing at the beginning of this year, the NTU staff makes it clear that students will poor performance will be terminated. But the one of the NTU staff also acknowledge maths, physics, accounting and computing science courses are not easy, thus encourage students to work extra hard.

I for one, witness that the poor student's who do those tough courses work very hard and do the best they can. Talem oketa CS/IS and MA courses ia easy man!!!!

I bet that almost all of the students who will be terminated by SIG are those who take the risk to study computing science, maths, accounting and physics. Why give scholarships for students to study this field and couple of semester into the program you terminate them without understanding the fact that those poor student's were doing the best they can. That's waste of resources.

We shouldn't even say that these poor student's are the reason to late payments in our allowance. Late allowance is only a speck in the eyes of failure for that matter. Even some of the world's prominent figures fail when they're in university.

so i call on the governments to reconsider their policies and assess student's on different scales according to the level of each program.

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