Saturday, 29 March 2008 3:57 PM

Increase bus fare.

Who is to be blamed for such increase inflation in the country? By analysing the economic situation in solomon Isslands it seems that all the responsible organisation in the country are not doing their roles, like the government agents who are responsible for price control in the country, the solomon islands trade union which should act on behalf of public all were paid for serving themselves.

It is so sad to see the effect of increase in oil price in our country, we could hardly see a decrease in the price of fuel in our country. This implies failure by the responsible organisations to implement their roles. And it is also sad to know that few officials in our government departments do not know what they are supposed to do in office. They do their jobs only by following instructions. The cartel formed by the countries main suppliers of oil fuel should be discouraged. But who is the right MAN to do that? Policy makers what are you doing when suppliers of oil fuel are forming a cartel in the domestic market....? Due to these failures we the public are being victimised... Solomon Islands trade unions what is your next move in looking for solutions for the cry of the public.... ??? or are you only there for the cry of Australian government of deporting moti..?? This issue is small but thats the basic issues that are detrimental to the welbeing of the solomon island citizens.....

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