Wednesday, 3 June 2009 11:52 AM

The True Church

Thanks Steward for your illustration provided on the above subject. Few contributors in their articles mentioned that Jesus is the True Church. That is easier said than done. That very Jesus in his prayer prayed for all "believers" become one. In the SI that prayer is yet to be material, because people only understand & know their denominations. It is crystal clear that Jesus prayed for believers, not christians, to become one. Instead all we have been busy doing is praying for christians to become one. That is to me ironic. I would rather pray for "christians" to become believers so that they become one. It seems that theological variance has been keeping the sons & daughter of God in bondage for far too long. It is time that SI-ders should arise and claim their rightful title as sons & daughters of God and not as as Anglicans, Roman Catholics, SSECs, SDAs, CFCs etc...

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