Monday, 27 April 2009 1:35 PM

Bell's Counter Claim

Dear Editor,

Now we have a new twist to to this compensation issue.

We have a Gloria Bell writting in and alluded that She and the Bell families will seek compensation from those who killed their great uncle (Mr. Bell). I hope the Kwaio people will have some clear thinking about their own compensation claim. No good when such claim landed they turn and run to the SIKUA Govt again for money to pay on their behalf.

I hope we should now have a good common sense in spend our valuable resources (money) in developing our country than thinking like chickens only looking down thinking about the now and today. Lets look ahead to the future of our children, people and the whole Nation. We must think Nationally as a whole country. We can't survive without others of our island groups.

Let me say this to us all "The way ahead into the future IS NOT COMPENSATION"
reading through many articles so far many from the cross section of our communities have expressed their opposition to this claim.

My appeal is for us to have a forward thinking than continue having issues that will continue to slow us down as a nation.

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