Friday, 17 August 2007 9:02 AM

Heavenly Warnings or Global Warming

I was tracking news on Google and I saw this news item. It is truly strange, there are other reports of Volcanic and seismic activities in Ethiopia, Indonesia, Alaska, Peru, and recently in Utah. I do not know what you folks in the Solomon Islands make of this but it seems to me like the sub surface of the earth is tap dancing all over the place.

Just see below, within the last 24 hours these are several earthquakes recorded along with the Richter scale, date, time and location.

6.7 2007/08/16 08:39:56 SOLOMON ISLANDS
5.0 2007/08/16 06:10:46 PERU
6.3 2007/08/16 05:16:58 COAST OF CENTRAL PERU
5.2 2007/08/16 04:23:19 CENTRAL PERU
5.0 2007/08/16 04:16:48 NEAR PERU
5.6 2007/08/16 04:04:10 PERU
5.8 2007/08/16 04:03:05 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALASKA
5.0 2007/08/16 02:54:20 PERU
5.0 2007/08/16 02:17:10 CENTRAL PERU
5.4 2007/08/16 01:35:40 COAST OF CENTRAL PERU
5.9 2007/08/16 01:02:20 CENTRAL PERU
5.9 2007/08/16 00:19:11 PERU
5.8 2007/08/16 00:02:42 CENTRAL PERU

The Erie thing is these are only from the past 24 hours. Is Mother Nature trying to say something? Have we pushed ourselves to the brink? Something or Someone is trying to make a point.

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